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Vicky Sood


Deepak Kalia

Deepak Kalia

Anu (Nasik)

+919 209 315 784

Deepak Kalia (Kuwait)

+ 9 659 951 8320

Vinay Sood

Vinay Sood (Ludhiana, N. India): +919 815 200 476

  • Sanjana (New Delhi): 011-919-985-506-4014

  • Nirmala (New Delhi): 011-919-711-148-093

  • Mira (North India): 011-919-904-179-7366

  • Kala (Ambala): 011-919-946-682-4308

  • Amit (Delhi): 011-919-981-142-3767

Contact the Love Guru in Kansas City if you would like to have a theme party, cooking lessons, Henna tattoo lessons or to take advantage of our one on one Mix and Match Singles International Matchmaking Service. Here’s how you can reach Ajay, the Love Guru.
Phone: (913) 963-1787 or (913) 268-3608 or 913-548-5043

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LoveGuru Founder – Ajay Sood

Business Opportunities available: Loveguru is seeking energetic, dynamic professionals representing Loveguru concept in India. Please email AJ at