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You’ve found the Love Guru in Kansas City. The Love Guru’s mission is to bring people together from all cultures to find love, to help you discover the food and culture of India and other countries through theme parties, and to teach the ancient Indian art of Henna (temporary tattoos). The following descriptions will introduce you to our service, but more detailed information is available on our Services page.

Astrology is a centuries old science filled with traditions insights and history. This powerful guide to yourself your loved ones and your relationship have been researched in many cultures for centuries. If you heard anything about astrology then you know there are certain signs that are supposed to get along for romance and happiness and certain are not. Many times we are asked which sign is good for me to date but my answer is its not the sun sign its many other factors and most importantly the moon sign which affects the personality of a person guess what just like MEL GIBSONS movie WHAT WOMEN WANT if you know the science about this then all the women will be happy all over the world According to the vedic astrology there could be great deal of affinity comfort & peace of mind with each other. In fact many women ask me if I could create a “right man report for their love life before I could even match them.”

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Love Guru Mix and Match Singles

Kansas City international matchmaking service
This is no online dating service. The Love Guru meets with you and all potential matches in person and uses ancient Indian matchmaking techniques to pair you with that perfect person…More details

Loveguru Henna Tattoo Lessons

Ancient Indian art of temporary tattoos
The Indian people have been using Henna tattoos to beautify their bodies for hundreds of years. Henna tattoos are temporary and safe to have anywhere on your body. Learn how to make the proper ink…More details

Loveguru - Theme Parties and Cooking Lessons

Traditional cooking lessons, dinner and dancing
The Love Guru brings traditional cooking lessons, dinner parties and dancing lessons into your home. You’ll have traditional dress, authentic cooking and a delicious dinner to share...More details



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